BALTIGQ+  ("ball-teek") is a digital platform which aims to generate a space for the LGBTQ+ community to challenge common stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding people of non-traditional identity. The goal is to give exposure and online representation to

marginalized groups through photography, fashion and interviews.  We also want to redefine what it means to be an inclusive brand. Think of BALTIGQ+ as your extended family, except everyone is queer and accepts you for who you are <3 .




The idea for BALTIGQ+ was conceived as a reaction to a trend in the food, tech, music, 

fashion, beauty, and other corporate industries. Large companies and brands jump on the "queer bandwagon" -using the idea of LGBTQ+ identities and experiences as a marketing strategy to cater to queer+ communities. Unfortunately, these labels are still very much guilty of oppressing said marginalized groups. It can be widely recognized during Pride month through the commercialization of Pride Parades and other Pride events. These actions are clear examples of performative allyship and only seek to generate interest in the brand if it is seen as contemporary and/or use non-normative identities to appeal to a new market.

As a result, BALTIGQ+ was introduced with the intent of creating a brand that from its very inception be rooted in inclusion. To do accomplish this, BALTIGQ+ adheres to a set a principles including, but not limited to:

  • prioritizing race, gender, size and ability inclusivity 

  • featuring models who identify as LGBTQ+ or activists for the community

  • creating an online space for these individuals to speak about their identities & experiences

  • collaborating with Queer+ organizations and/or foundations

The vision of BALTIGQ+ is to have it be the online queer resource we wish we had growing up. Imagine it as a visual diary to showcase people of all identities and sexualities. More importantly, it's a digital home for expression that queer-identifying or queer-questioning individuals can rely on when they feel they are alone or misrepresented by other entities.


BALTIGQ+ is proud to produce individual garments for the interviewees to wear during the photoshoots. At the same time, BALTIGQ+ strives for environmental transparency in the production of these garments. The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the entire world. From sourcing raw materials, manufacturing plants, shipping, retails and disposal of clothes, the industry has become detrimental to sustaining the health of the planet (link). With such destructive practices already in place, BALTIGQ+ is committed to a net-zero waste policy. Some practices include:


  • no throwing away scraps of fabric, instead shredding them and using as filler for jackets and puffy garments

  • recycling/upcycling any raw materials, such as plastics, vinyls etc.

  • a send-in policy for BALTIGQ+ products to be deconstructed and up-cycled or donated depending on condition

  • recycle and compost any in-studio waste

BALTIGQ+ is currently owned and operated by Dennis KrawecAny photography, web design, garments, sets,  post-production or social media are done by him unless otherwise noted. To get in contact, please fill out the boxes below. Thank you!






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