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(above)    Left: Qualeasha Wood

                  Right: Juniper Styles

BALTIGQ+ Fall 2017 Collection:

🍹🍹🍹 the Neapolitan smoothie 🍹🍹🍹

models: Qualeasha Wood, Juniper Styles (find them here!)

A collection of long sleeve shirts and sweaters with matching jogger bottoms. designed with simple pink pastels opposing navy velvet block patterns. The jumpsuits also feature matching bags and fidget spinner accessories. The collection reminisces enjoying the last bit of cool summer evenings before the fall season begins. 

long sleeve sweater

cotton, vinyl, velvet

handbag (17" x 6" x 13")

vinyl, plastic, astroturf

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handbag (17" x 6" x 13")

vinyl, plastic

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handbag (17" x 6" x 13")

vinyl, plastic

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